The Director

                  The surplus value of a job is often love in performing it.

Due to this adage, Accademia Italiana is a dynamic and versatile school and offers high quality learning services.

Accademia Italiana is a meeting point of different cultures, a really special place that was born from my desire to live in an international context and the passion for languages that has always been alive in me.

Private life and job are often intertwined…in the last twenty years, thanks to my curiosity, my skills and experience, I faced different and important environments, for instance that of Italian Institute of Culture abroad or of foreign Embassies in Italy.

The exhaustive study of foreign languages and several journeys and stays abroad gave me the chance to deepen my graduate studies in Italian and general linguistics and to acquire a wider cultural, linguistic and emotional perspective.

I experienced what it means to study a foreign language and to live in a foreign country, so I am able to understand the emotions you feel and the difficulties you find in learning Italian.

In Accademia Italiana you will never be alone: all our knowledge, our experiences and devotion to Italy and the Italian language will be useful to help you and empathically take care of you in your walk of life and studies.

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