Classes and Levels



Our courses are organized into six levels, from beginner to advanced.

You will carry out an oral and written admission text online before you come to Ascoli or on arriving at the school, in order to let the teacher include you in a course that will be suitable for your linguistic level and learning needs.

Our standard Italian course offers you the chance to learn Italian in VERY SMALL GROUPS (from 3 to 6 students). This enables teachers to develop class dynamics, to overcome any difficulties, you or your students may have and to improve your knowledge of the language.

Attending a class consisting of few students it is useful for you to get over the natural hesitation in speaking a foreign language before unknown people. You will be at your ease together with your friends.

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  1. Buona sera,

    Mi chiamo Aurora.. vorrei fare un esameno di lingua per obtenere un certificato . Come si puo fare ?

    Grazie !

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