Marche Region


There are many good reasons to visit Le Marche. It is a very surprising region because it has been able to maintain a secluded atmosphere which retains a flavour of tradition and the respect of its own past, able to amaze and fascinate the most hard-to-please visitor.

The Marche region “entrances” because it gives you the sensation of living in other dimension, where time seems to have regained its proper pace and the atmosphere is still that of a Renaissance picture, relaxing and intimate.

This is a region of light blue sea and wide beaches, of one hundred towns, one hundred landscapes and one hundred dishes. It is a pity to follow a predetermined itinerary, because beauty is everywhere; it is a pleasure to wonder aimlessly along the streets which climb olive-tree-clad hills, vineyards, sunflowers and lavender, to encounter old walled villages, which are at the peaks of the hills and stud the landscape.

It is inevitable to let yourself be fascinated by the rich cultural heritage of the old historic centres, with their cosy squares, overshadowing rocks, ancient churches, interesting museums, Roman walls, Renaissance architectures, noble palaces of the eighteenth century, shining ancient theatres, exhilarating masquerade celebrations…

“A journey in the Marche region, if not hurried, leads you to see wonders…”

Guido Piovene, Viaggio in Italia, 1957


Visit the website Turismo della Regione Marche to find all the information you need.

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