Italian Language School

Accademia Italiana, founded in 1997, offers you the opportunity to learn Italian language and culture in Ascoli Piceno, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy.

If you choose Accademia Italiana and Ascoli Piceno you will have the opportunity to learn Italian in a real Italian town. In Ascoli Piceno there are astonishing artistic, cultural and natural treasures, nevertheless the town is not crowded with tourists.

The citizens of Ascoli Piceno are very friendly, kind and ready to meet other cultures: here you can speak Italian and immediately put into practice the competencies and skills you have acquired during lessons.

You can depend on the professionalism and reliability of Accademia Italiana. Several international institutions have given credit to it:

– It is member of “Italian in Italy”, a qualified corporation for education of the MIUR- Education, University and Research Department of the Italian Government

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  1. Two women, interested in Italian and cooking courses. Both speak more than beginning Italian. Please note price and accommodations.

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