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Many times a month Accademia Italiana organizes and proposes different social activities such as excursions, guided visits to museums, trips to the countryside, to the sea or to the mountains, social dinners and theatre evenings.

Every week cinema clubs and discussions take place in the school. They are Italian Neorealist classic films or typically Italian modern films, created by directors such as Fellini, Antonioni, Salvatores, Bertolucci, Tornatore, Benigni, Moretti.

Our rich library is always at the students’ disposal, if they want to borrow books, newspapers and magazines, or simply stay at the school to read something.


After having studied all day, it will feel nice to dedicate yourself to sport for some time. You can play tennis, go to the swimming pool, or attend a gymnastics lesson in one of the gyms that have an agreement with the school.

In the town’s environs some riding stables give you the chance to ride to the wonderful olive-tree-clad hills that surround Ascoli Piceno. The sea and the mountains, not far from the town, will be charming landscapes for your relaxing bike tours.

Students who like soccer and rugby will have the chance to train with local teams.


The natural environment of Ascoli Piceno has a particularly privileged location. Typical Italian landscapes surround the town, more than 2000 meter high mountains, sweet olive tree-clad-hills with trees that slowly diminish in number as one nears the sea.

The natural environment is interesting, amusing and relaxing in all seasons.

The Sibillini mountain range and its more than 200-km-wide wildlife reserve are the ideal destination if you love bird watching and trekking. Trails of varying difficulty reach very interesting and fascinating places such as Pilato Lake, well-known among naturalists because of the Chirocephalus Marchesonii, a tiny and very rare prehistoric crustacean, which lives in it.

If you like winter sports, several ski resorts, only 30 minutes far from Ascoli, provide slopes of various difficulty as well as downhill skiing pistes. The mountains in the surroundings are also perfect to tackle free climbing, paragliding and hang-gliding. Fine sand quite beaches and clear seawater are ideal to go bathing and sunbathing.

Many coastal resorts, such as San Benedetto del Tronto and Porto San Giorgio, offer a pleasant holiday to those looking for quietness and to those who love nightlife.


If you come to study in Ascoli Piceno, an old and noble Italian town, you will have the opportunity to organize wonderful weekends within a short distance from the city;

in the most beautiful art cities (Roma, Assisi, Siena, Firenze, Urbino, Venezia); in contact with Nature(in the Abruzzo National Park, in the Sibillini Mountains National Park or in the Gran Sasso and Laga Mountains National Park);

dancing and making new friends (in some of the fantastic discos in Rimini and Riccione).

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