Dear Dr Valentini

I am writing to thank you for the arrangements you made for the language and gastronomic courses I recently attended at your Accademia. I have received similar tuition in ohter educational establishments; your Accademia compares very favourably with them. I researched extensively what was available in Italy before committing myself to those courses because I had little time and wanted to cover many topics as possible, both theoretical and practical.

I’m truly delighted that I gained so much knowledge and developed so much my confidence with Italian in the short period I put myself in your hands, and those of your very capable staff. the environment, boht the school and Ascoli Piceno as a whole, is excellent. The emphasis on learning in context is very successful. I hope to be able to visit you all again in order to benefit once more from the very agreeable character of the Accademia and your superb city.

Yours sincerely, Rafael Runco-Farrands (Independent Housing Ombudsman, UK)


{rokbox text=|Lettera di Rafael Runco-Farrands (Independent Housing Ombudsman, UK)| thumb=|images/stories/lettere/thumbs/ombudsman_lettera.jpg| title=|Lettera di Rafael Runco-Farrands (Independent Housing Ombudsman, UK)| album=|lettere| }images/stories/lettere/ombudsman_lettera.jpg{/rokbox}

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