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Italian Culture Courses


If you already know the Italian language, you can combine one of these Italian culture special course with a standard language course.


After a brief introduction to Italian gastronomic traditions, you can thereafter put into practice Italian cooking secrets, supervised by a skilled cook. You will be capable enough to prepare four full meals and later taste them.


The course consists of four theory lessons on white, red and rosé wines, on wine making techniques as well as on grapes geographical features. Each lesson ends with wine tasting matched to local gastronomic specialties.


You will listen to the most important grand opera pieces (Tosca, Otello, Rigoletto etc…) with an Italian music teacher and you will discuss the plot and characters. Later you will analyze the opera both from a musical and a linguistic point of view and, if you wish, you can have a go at singing it!


This course consists of theory lessons on the characteristics of oils which are typical of individual Italian regions, and on the differences among the qualities of different olive oils (rectified, virgin and extra virgin). This will be followed by some tasting. You can also make a trip to an olive tree grove or a visit to a typical functioning oil mill.


In a craftsmanship workroom a master potter will show you manufacturing techniques (turnery, firing, decoration)of various crockery, jugs and vases. You will be able to practice with the careful supervision of your master.


In a painting studio the painter Bianca Mario Romano will hold an expressive techniques course: watercolor, acrylic, pastel…


A professional restorer reveals to you the secrets to produce nice pieces of furniture and wall decorations (false marble, stencil, trompe l'oeil).


The pillow lace is an old artistic technique that consists of intertwining thin cotton yarns, around a wooden spindle, to create precious lace. A patient master will show you how to try to give life to it.

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  • Cara Antonella Cara Antonella, grazie tantissimo per tutto che tu hai fatto per noi. Mi è piaciuto studiare all'Academia Italiana. Ci scriviamo presto. Un abraccio, Annie
  • Ciao Antonella scusa la mia ritarda di spedire questa lettera. Grazie per il corso d'italiano nella tua Academia Italiana. Credo che abbia imperato molte cose della lingua e cultura italiana. Mi è piaciuto di essere...
  • Nachdem ich eine Woche im Sprachzentrum der Dottoressa Valentini in Ascoli Piceno verbracht habe, würde ich Ihnen gerne von meiner Zufriedenheit dies bezüglich mitteilen. In meinem Fall wurde ein besonderes "Massgeschneidertes" Programm etabliert...
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