Italian Language Courses


(3-6 students) 20 lessons a week

This is perfect for you if you want to combine complete study of the Italian language with the possibility to go on excursions or trips in Italy or to attend some special courses.


(Standard course plus one or two hours a day of individual lessons)

This is ideal if you want to stay in Italy for only one or two weeks or if you need to obtain a good result in a short time


(3-12 students)

You will attend the course two times a week for at least two months. This is ideal expecially if you live and work in Italy and want to improve your Italian, both from the grammatical and lexical point of view. A great part of the course consists in conversation.


This kind of course offers to you alone, or to a selected group of people that love Italy, the chance lo live an authentic experience.

Spending your day with an Italian teacher, you can learn the Italian language while reading newspapers, going shopping, to the market or a restaurant, spending your time as the Italians do.


Our teachers are always available to offer you individual Italian language lessons, which can be booked together with the course you have chosen or be arranged directly.


For high school teachers coming with their students

We can organise:


Accommodation in a family + full board for a week

1 or 2 guided visits to museums and monuments of the town

Visit to1 or 2 film clubs in Italian language, preceded by an introduction given by the teacher and followed by a guided discussion

An Italian language* and culture course lasting a week (in classes of 7-10 students)

20 TEACHING HOURS divided into: 16 classroom hours, 4 hours a day (9 am- 13pm) for 4 days (Italian language practice, conversation and discussions with the teachers, role playing, games and written texts plus reading and writing)

TREASURE HUNT (during the afternoon- 4 hours). Italian language practice, guided conversation and interaction with inhabitants and dealers of the town.

The school office is available to teachers in order to offer our assistance organizing a daily trip to Rome.


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